Two Birds, One Stone

Two birds in different cages intertwined through a spiritual tether.

Both birds are of one mind and two unique bodies with their respective temperatures.

The cage on the left is the one left behind by a master greedy for song.

The cage on the right is belongs to a master not wholly in his right mind, but at least he’s some sorts of there.

Left Behind is the bird on the left and it never was fed enough.

Its tiny heart beats a little softer than its counterpart.

Right Now is the bird on the right and its heart beats rapidly with each new tap by its master.

One is the unity of both birds belonging to the same soul.

This bird is ripped in emotional halves, but yet it sings such a sweet song.

Left Behind takes the melody and Right Now provides the harmony.

The masters are in sync in their needs.

Each bird has a performance to run.

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