In All Honesty, I want to be Here Only a Moment

The time it takes for a butterfly to pose on a new flower is seemingly short. We are butterflies that flitter towards the bright colors that attract us. When the flower falls short, the butterflies move to a new being. Why not be butterflies?

As a butterfly I just want to have a good time. I want to flutter towards the colors and say forget the light because I’m not a moth today. I’ll use my wing strength to determine whether the flower is worth posing on or not. I’ll only be around until the wind picks up and helps me glide to a new friend. It is the way that life should be, ephemeral and exciting. I don’t think I’ll ever want to stay in one place again. I am the butterfly that falls in love every day with a new event, I don’t care about the end and I don’t have time to worry about where the air currents take me. Let them all take me and disorder me and rid everything I believe in.

You can’t keep me on any flower for longer than a moment or else you’ll squash me. The weight of these expectations is too much to bear and I swear you will wear me down until you tear me in half. I won’t stay for longer than I’m wanted and if by some miracle of God I do, you can expect that it be because I’m not through with you. I’m not a selfish butterfly, I give what I get and then I go to the next petal that entices me. The scent you give off is one I’ll pick up on to the point where I’ll flutter to you, but when you turn bitter you’ll be better…. Without me…

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