Rains and Cardinals Crashing Into Each Other

We come from above and fall down, down, down like the rain droplets outside my window. We crash into puddles composed of those who have crashed before. Thank goodness there’s someone there to break our fall. We all drop together in single file lines, next to each other as if we were each boxes in an infinite Rubik’s cube. We’re gray and we bring forth the green and pink color of the trees outside. We’re cold out there, but we’re so warm inside. We are excited with the energy of each atomic bond waiting to break as we evaporate when the sun comes up. We make our surroundings humid when enough of us have fallen and the rain has stopped because it’s as if we need to be in some balance resulting from the disarray of each droplet on the ground and atmosphere.

I thought about my friend today and his friend. I realized that they seem like two halves separated from one soul. One is halfway empty and the other halfway full. One flows like the liquid that has spilled from the cup whereas the other is compact and flexible, but dries out less easily. All I do is observe like the cardinal, red and the same color as its insides. I keep looking around as my wings become drenched in the droplets of those souls who have fallen and continue to fall and have the misfortune of crashing into me. I’ll never stop writing run-ons.

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