And Everything Falls All Around the Night

Goodnight world, I’m done with all you fuckers because you all act like you’re so sorry and as if you try so hard. Little do you know I think of you all day each day.

I craved tobacco in my lungs burning my throat and fogging up my head. I am the spider web hanging by a strand on the ceiling. I was flawless once. Blurry vision keeps me half blind now.
Debris fell right before me and my soul plunged into the ground with it. It must have taken an eternity to reach the ground. Salt-water droplets reached it much later, or maybe they were intermingled with my soul. Every woman is an ocean waiting to pour onto the Earth and when we can’t, we bleed instead.
Honestly, frankly, I kindly don’t find you likely to be comely for me. I took a journey young and breathless into the night breeze and I felt my hands but not as if they were mine, they were the wind’s.

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