TV Screen Static

Her vision blurs and white noise creeps over her eyes. Her viewpoint is static…chhhhhzzzz… Patterned surfaces are too vivid with screams so loud they inundate her ears with the color of yellow. She’s too clear up in her head and she’s about to devour the atmosphere with one big gulp that will leave everything surrounding her breathless. Her head is a staticky TV screen with that sound of sirens moving too quickly to be discerned as so. Every color is so vivid and she wonders what drug the world prescribed today as she struggles to climb over the cliff edge called her senses. When the sounds get too loud, the silence is white noise inside her head. Like a monitor with an unsteady connection she fades in and out of gray, white, and black dots moving quickly like the atoms she feels in each fingertip. The electricity has her wired to the metals close by and she can’t disentangle her hair from the cables administering static shock. Tingly sensation and like a toy that just short-circuited, her mind’s gone.

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