I grasp each mood
Like a wave off of the coast
Learning to crash and split
Waiting on the burst

Of foam learning how to wet
The stones on their shoulders
To cleanse the weight
That makes their world colder.

I’m ready to spew
A volcano before the dawn
Of days as we know them
With things they never knew.

I’m trying to form
My heaven on Earth
By helping your thoughts
Take a positive form.

So listen up world I have something to tell you about why the flowers grow the way they do. They beg for you to stop and smell them, to touch their silky petals carrying life and kindness. The rivers are flowing to provide the living things we know with an opportunity at a life easier than it has been. So when you feel like you’re about to drawn in the oceans of your head, remember to resurface because there’s more to life than just death

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