Lamentations of the Sea

He felt:
Her slowly sinking away from him as his hands outstretched tried holding on to her slippery hands.
It was difficult to tell where her tears started and the ocean ended.
When he finally gripped her one last time and their bodies surfaced for air he realized, she was gone.

She felt:
Herself going under a million times and saw a trillion stars in her eyes.
Her last moments in life were agonizing and she saw the sunshine’s rays at the end of the tunnel.
She tried swimming towards that light but a dark angel held her up wailing and begging her to take a breath.
She could feel exhaustion in her limbs, in her mind, and most of all in her soul.
One last silent goodbye.

He had been waiting:
For the moment when she would come to him.
The drowned God who yearned for her soul intertwined with his.
He saw her eyes full of wonder and delight as she left the world of the living and entered the world of the drowned.
He held her and never let her go while her former lover from the living world shrunk into himself with the realization that the last time he’d see her living face would be at a funeral.

He couldn’t:
Leave her behind.
Forever in his photographs and his memories lived the soul of his drowned Goddess.


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