Cuban Dream

I want to be INFLUENTIAL, to let the wealth of my knowledge flood every aspect of my life. I want my family to see that their sacrifices achieved their version of an “American Dream” that did its best to push them out of the system. I want to BE that dream, breathe it, exude it, and foster it. A life of wealth in all regards of the word to show people that the people from my island are stronger than the oceans surrounding us. We use adversity to our advantage by surging over the waves towards our goals if we have to. Crumbling structures don’t keep us back, they simply provide us an escape from the jail that is the government. When treasure is buried deep, we dig it out and give to our loved ones their fair share. We learned sacrifice early on; my mamá sacrificing herself for me by fattening me up as a baby while her muscles shriveled onto her bones from lack of food. Seventy-six pounds is what she weighed when she had me. Six of those pounds were me so when they told her she made only a small ripple in the river she uprooted the whole Earth to show that she and I were the entire ocean making waves. Our mothers sacrificed their education, our fathers did as well all for a generation that they believed in. Our grandparents did the same. We are children loved with souls as powerful as the universe and spirits made bolder by the santería we practice. We put soul into the world by giving soul. My parents don’t know how to put it in words yet, but I’m MORE than the American Dream. I’m the CUBAN dream.

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