Welcome to the Show!

Ladies and gentlemen! Come one and come all to watch this marvelous show!
For our first act we have two friends walking on steady ground before hitting the tightropes. 

Let’s hope they don’t hit the sack on their way across their bridge of thread…
Thing 1 tiptoes toward Thing 2 and now each balance their feet towards the other. The center has been breached and ooopsie, I shook the tightrope! 

Can Mr. and Mrs. Thang handle all that sass I’m providing? Call me Fate and we now move to our second act!

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Or are we not ready to open this bag of worms just yet? Thing 2 will now perform a tango piece with Secret Plump Sugarlips!

Little does Sugarlips know its a Tango Triangle with the Thangs. Hot dang it’s getting heated in this circus tent. Thing 1 is bringing out the lioness and can Sugarlips keep her sweet juiciness to herself or will our fierce lioness snack on the Plump Redness of Sugarlips hips? 

Let’s move on to act three, this I now decree! 

Wait a second, where’s Mrs. Thang going? Uh oh! This triangle just became parallelogramical and did little old Fate just make a new word up? Yes ze did! 

Outstanding Lizard Man is ready to sneak into this abomination of a show! Parallelograms can hardly be kept secretive now can they? Perhaps Lizard Man can camouflage his way towards Mrs. Thang but will Mr. Thang realize the thief in the night that has come to persuade Mrs. Thang away?
Oh dear, oh dear there has been too much drama for one day!


  1. I really like this! I like the fun, upbeat vibe– definitely does make me feel like I’m watching circus acts! I think it’s so interesting that you chose to use this situation to take place in the circus. It gives the readers a clue as to how we should feel about what’s going on!

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