Rooting Processes and Bearing Gifts

I take off my shoes so my feet will shoot out roots that will burrow into the ground and help me grow upwards while building thicker skin. The curves of my body will curve like the avocado trees or the willow tree. Perhaps I’ll twist upward like a long succulent underneath the sun blooming at every centimeter. When my petals fall I will grow new plants and flowers or trees. As I bear the buds of my flowers or fruits I will give off a sweet aroma enticing the butterflies to fly through my leaves. All the while my feet will hold me down as the act of living pushes me upward towards space and inward towards the core. I can find my nutrients in each place and I will form the middle-world. This world will be surrounded by large yellow butterflies and small blue ones against gray and cloudy skies with a dollop of sunshine. I will foster symbiotic relationships with the orchids that will grow on my trunk or that hang close to me. I could also be a sour orange tree or a blade of grass, but as I am I shall remain holding back the ground and holding up the sky. I let middle-world breathe.

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