Broken Whispers

You go from smiles to tears in five minutes. How do they return after crying oceans of dissolved salts that make you float like this Dead Sea within me? I imagined the way your arms nested my shaky back through all of those panic attacks. First you held me through them, but then you caused them and one day I thought that one attack would make me never come back as my body shriveled into itself. I spiraled out of control and my parents had to hold me and force me to drink some water. I thought I’d never regain the usage of my hand and for a while it didn’t work out very right. Then I talked to you in July after all of the times you ignored my family and I. I was willing to forgive and not forget until you played the same trick. Slowly, but surely I regained consciousness of what life felt like without you although to this day you remain on my mind. But pay my words no mind, you get what you paid for in kind. During those moments when you’re in a bind I hope you’ll remind yourself of the love you left behind. From this broken song, I resign. 

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