It is the faces they make that remind you

That people are bastards more often than they are not

They bombard you with frowns and angry hand motions

And you just take it like the bitch you are supposed to be.


I listen to the words that they are vomiting

Out of disgusting mouths with dirty tongues

And you want to catch their vomit in a cup and throw it at their face

Do they not realize that you see past the bullshit?


I try to be all suns and rainbows with these damn people

And they remind me of the shitshow that I spend time in

Because something has to be done to pay

The cash monies that I owe to this shitty government.


So I will overburden myself with their tonnes of crap

As they ignore the things that we all do for the good of the people

I will say this,

Que me vengan con su pinga, que seguro que los destruyo.


      1. well, i seem to feel it’s not. but maybe that’s just me. I hope you’re smiling and taking care of yourself.


      2. i know, beautiful. i also started, for the same reason. but don’t worry, what you’re going through today, will not be there tomorrow. but the strength, you did build up, because of this pain, will be.


      3. and i dont like to see, someone as beautiful as you, upset. can i write you a small thing here? if you won’t mind!


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