Open Letters

What more could you want? 

Haven’t they suffered enough?

Hasn’t BigCo put their foot on their necks to the point of suffocation lest they give in?
You say economic crimes and those that commit them are vile, but did you stop to consider economic need?

You see, families now are multifaceted in their struggles: your baby is sick, your daughter is in college, you were always called “Not Enough” in education, and your wife is overworked to the point of exhaustion. 

Meanwhile, you live a life of privilege with a lucrative job, a sharpened mind like all of those sharpened pencils you went through, and a wife just as successful as you. There’s so much more affluenza where you’re coming from. 
You’d think in this country you would love your people with understanding and mercy, given that you know it in your bones you’re the ONE that made it and that is above the law…

You’re not fooling anyone because I’m on to you. 

You see, I understand who you are in your very soul and frankly, you’re not taking the time to truly know. 

Maybe BigCo has a foot on your throat as well, but you have so much dirt on them yet you let them manhandle you and your people. 

Why is it that most of the mug shots associated with your name are those of Black and Latino men? 

Why isn’t BigCo right up there when they’re polluting our waters and paying our people pennies for hard labor?
Want to talk about economic crimes? Talk about BigCo and how it runs out any chance for small businesses by placing insurmountable barriers to entry into our markets. Talk about the leaders of BigCo and how they are the first to commit illicit activities. 

BigCo is the one spreading cancer faster than it can naturally reproduce.

Anyone you know ever died of cancer?

It’s the one mixing us all–oh baby, and its regardless of neighborhood (I know, I study this)– in its radioactivity. 

They’re just too damn White and proper to bury their hands in the dirt lest their skin peel away like the most dangerous snake slithering out of yet another one of its layers. 
But you, you’re just a BigCo pawn and whatever bone BigCo launches at you, you chase after like the street dog waiting to be fed that you seem to be. Damn I’m tired of people like you: always making excuses for why they’re “doing the right thing.” Why don’t you start going after the real perpetrators, unless you’re one of them too?
All I’m asking for is mercy, because they’ve had their hands around our throats for too long. 
-Hellen M. Barroso

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