So tired of these relationshits where your faucet remains open until your well runs dry. Eventually the pressure diminishes to minute proportions and all you do is leak weakly into the drain. Who knew that you’d get to the point of dryness with your lips cracking from the constant slew of kisses falling on hardened faces? Oh who are you kidding? Since the moment you decided to give you’ve surrendered pieces of your soul to a beautiful devil’s trickery.



I’ve been feeling a bit old-fashioned today after receiving disappointments in successive order. Initially, I got to wondering how people tolerated the alienation of modern relationships as I reflected on my recent experiences with men. So, I asked my mother to join me for a walk, one in which I proceeded to explain to her my woes. Relationships have been striking me as obsolete due to their superficiality resulting from an ingrained fear of commitment. This is akin to peoples’ fear of investing in the housing market since we never know when another crisis will befall our “great” society—with 2008 still fresh on our minds. It seems to me that there is a resistance to attempting commitment even amongst already existing couples.

It has come to my attention that one person usually gives more than the other in the relationships that surround me and were it not for that little tidbit, the relationship would crumble. I’ve seen it happening in my own experiences with love and with friendships. Naturally, I am a giver. Unfortunately, it feels as if I’ve been giving more than I have been receiving for the last 8 years of my life and frankly, my emotional wellbeing has seriously taken a toll.

There’s been an awakening in this magnificent brain of mine as I do tend to see peers that in their relationships have a level of innocence when it comes to commitment. I say innocence because it isn’t mired with selfishness (at least from what I can tell) and both partners tend to equally support one another in their spiritual, emotional, and physical growth by fulling diving into their mutual existence. Perhaps that’s it! Many relationships nowadays lack the common plane of existence of both couples with one person focusing on their reality as completely separate from the person they say they are “committed” to. Now, I’m not saying be attached at the hip with your significant others, but damn at least indulge in the knowledge that you could be a part of a deep mutual existence of high angelic vibrations if you simply let go of the fear of true commitment.

What does true commitment mean to you?

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