Time As A Cycle

An abstract thought of circular and staggered indicators,

A clock ticking away moments in space,

We are led in symbols of infinity with looped pathways,

Everything moves at the correct pace.


I Needed the Light

Asteroids are falling into my atmosphere, their burning traces, crystal prisms.

They dig deep into my chest, opening spaces where perhaps leaves will grow after we sow this burned soil.

Flutters of color like butterfly wings whispering pieces of song that sirens can nice upon a time would sing.

Maybe these leaves will be blown to the water when the gusts pick up as none of this matters.


Like me, never another one

I have learned this the hard way

They all seek me when I’m gone

But my mind they’ll never sway.

Like me, forever coming undone,

They ask me to always stay

But I’ll keep severing this bond

Come whatever may.

For me, they always turn to stone

As I go through my day to day

Because this goddess, they’ll never own

She will always keep these feelings at bay.

Sabanas negras


La cama oscura,

mis ojos carmelitas y ardientes

abriendo las costuras

de todos esos corazones.


La cama hecha para una diosa,

mis piernas de Aquileas

agarrándose de tu cintura

dentro de mi, abejas golosas.


En mi cama un infierno,

la petit mort

mi cuerpo del destino

llevándote a la nube de Oort.