SJT Love Letter #2- 1/20/2021

In your eyes I see the world with all of its pathways leading to new horizons,

And in your hands there is a knowledge of the deepest, sharpest corners of my mind.

With your lips there is always the promise of a new story to tell,

And with your legs is the adventure that follows.

So in the darkness I lay here thinking, savoring the thought of you next to me in your peaceful state of comfort and with the slightest movement, your hands hold me in a warm embrace.

With my body, I take in the warmth that you offer,

Through the properties taking place between matter,

My skin lets the energy that surrounds you in,

And in the next few minutes,

Our affections bloom.

Remember Me in Your Bathtub

Remember me in your bathtub,

Rising upwards like a goddess

The water dripping down my body…

Your life source still coursing through you

Into the water.

Remember me in my splendor, aging like fine wine.

Your charm lassoed me onto your bed,

You begged to control.

All was “wonderful”.

I still smile at the thought

Of our shared secret

Underneath the water.

As I lay my head on your bare chest…

Remember me in my glory—a fire burning deep red.


Sweetheart, I’m tired. It feels as if I can only go down under from here. So take me to these depths and lay me down to rest so that maybe soon enough I’ll grow again. I hope my soul returns in leaves and hearty stems leading into blooms. Just don’t be shocked if I leave soon.

Don’t think of me as a sad memory, but see me on the days I danced gleefully. Laugh of joy in my memory and pray to the flowers in my place. These things you can’t escape, you can only embrace.

Birds of the Shade

It would have meant to me

A universe to take you to

The strangest places

Where trees grow tall,

Water fowl wade and

Fly so high through their shade.

Had I been a more

Selfish lover

I would have known

This wouldn’t last forever.

Thin Thread

Oh how easy it is to end…

Life is but a thread.

One action shifts existence.

The door opens into the abyss.

The flutter ceases…

To be or not to be.

Hate pours out of vessels…

Into pools enter poisons.

Hold your breath under water.

Fish swim backwards.

The dirt is like silk…

Filling up empty spaces.

Someone watches in the distance.

Remove Your Fears

I never worry because to all problems exist solutions. Of all the times I’ve been in a bind I lie under covers and sleep in warmth.

So today I took backstreets and the journey felt fine, much faster than usual and oh so divine.

Eventually I cleansed the surroundings within my sacred spaces and the order kept me at a state of calm stasis.

So now I shall rest, given this newfound knowledge and perhaps I’ll learn best under the bright moon’s tutelage.

Sea Goddess

I am roaming through the sand dunes and the ocean sways behind me, hungrily, awaiting my return to its watery carpet. Yet small grasses precede taller stalks with tiny buttons of pink and yellow slightly showing their heads as birds above bellow. Warm sand covets my feet while rays of sun kiss my shoulders waiting for me to enter into the water’s splendor. The sea foam twinkles in the breeze like evening stars on a blue and moving backdrop extending as far as my eyes will take me. I lay in the shallows with the sun beaming down on me as my head is crowned with a halo of salt crystals in water. Yellow and olive are the ocean flowers adorning my crown with a ring of spiritual power.

Feel the Softness of My Skin

Slowly I will undress myself of these aches and let them flow into the river I wade through so that as I emerge I can return with silky relief on my skin. Gingerly I will unbutton my chest of these hurts that started back when I thought I was sure of decisions made on a whim in the back of black and gray cars. Then I will bare my skin and my soul to the great Earth around me and then become whole.

You Held Up to the Light

Girl, when did you learn to dress in beauty and walk in kindness? This I did not teach you. How did you learn to pick up fragile pieces and place them on a canvas to create sweetness? This I did not show you. Most of all, how did you uphold your tapestry for others full of mindfulness? These questions I must ask of you.


Bits inside me murmur like rivulets on days where the current has picked up pace and I sigh through gusts of air moving over the large ripples over the water. My chest just wants to be engorged with the aroma of golden celebration roses from the garden, yet all I feel is tension from the trailing plants around my chest. Bits inside me keep murmuring in the voice of soft rivulets.