Dark Beauty

She was an inspiration to me.

Her easygoing nature

The darkness within her

Still, she lived unforgivingly.


Norms did not impede her like they did me.

Her dress was dark and long

The photographs with him

Still for Love, she lived willingly.


I wanted her courage.

Her ability to simply be

The human she wanted

Still, there I sat longingly.



A firm grip and intolerant smile,

A look that could kill when I’m feeling vile

Will build up inside

Moon-heart and the tide.


A water that roars

My heart that soars

High above the skies

Diving down to demise.


To be strong is not absence of flaws

I wear mine without pause.

So I’ll scream from the mountain

Peaceful seconds on one hand counted.

Diosa Lunera

Like the moon, occult and distant from ways typical to normality, you shine. The light is not yours to keep, yet you let its colors drape over your silvery surface. So barren and still and not fully colonized, but a spectacle for all, you continue to be. Unaware of those eyes that marvel at your excellence do you purposely hide? Your phases are logical, and you enchant your lovers to their duality, yet you allow the wolves to chase—but what of the “moonless” nights? The clouds are your cover, the rain your screen, but still I wonder if you don’t secretly hope that they look where you have been.


Quédate, quédate luna que los lobos te buscan y en el silencio mi corazón late por tu presencia. Contigo siento el amor que por tanto tiempo no he conseguido encontrar. Te busco y te encuentro con mi cabeza bajo mar. Seguí las olas hasta tu paraíso. Ya se que mi idea del cielo es tu soledad.

Niña loca enamorada


Mi cabeza un zumbido

lleno de piquetes de mosquito

Y vuelan sin parar por la ciudad oscura

Mientras camino por plena noche fría sin abrigo.


Pedí que ella me abrigara

Con su colcha de sereno

Para caminar sin miedo y sin traba

Hasta la cama de mi jardinero.









When you know he loves you,

Your face,

Your breasts,

As you make him lose his mind over and over again.


Every sway of your hips are waves in the ocean,

And his smiles are like sunshine

Beating down on your radiant body—

You are a goddess.


Your hair in his hands,

His arms move over the hills and valleys

Your body is ripe with sweetness

Dripping over his.


You are the world

Holding on to the wind

That kisses you softly, kindly—

As your energies melt into the universe.

Field of Red Roses

And the raindrops hit the palm leaves

They’re like the smooth, long faces of the

Warriors resting during battle

You know…

When they cry in mourning of all that has been lost.


They have been winning the battle,

But losing the war.


The sun shone again with a false promise of drying out the running water

But the warriors know they must get back on the field

And fight.


The palm fronds turn yellow with the light of the sun.

Then they turn reddish brown

–The warriors have lost the battle now too.