Hidden Groves

May the wind hold me for I am feeling quite tired. Perhaps it will carry me home into the grove filled with flowers and lay me down to sleep for a while. I have opened my chest and have let its contents spill out with sharp red rubies hoping that only good will come about.

May the sun come and dry away the cool rains that have woken me up from this charade.


Something New

Something new.

A new breath leaves my lungs and it sounds like a sad goodbye, but it’s a welcome hello. A calming wave rushes down my back stealthily and it feels like a ghost’s touch, but it’s a warm embrace.

Something new is growing inside of me.

A faster heartbeat pumps within my chest and it sounds like it’s fear, but it’s my body about to take flight. It’s not adrenaline; it’s the soaring of a seagull above the water.

New skin grows while old skin is shedding away.

All of my cells are cleaning away debris and it feels like a storm surge, but in reality it is purification with sparkling water. My muscles loosen, I exhale, and sleep on the treetops comfortably.

This new thing is changing me.