FZ You Are Always Loved

Wisteria skies are on fire with the pretty pink and purple petals against the backdrop of red and orange sky-flames. Time shifts and rolling white foamy clouds fill a cold sky as hail and snow fall in disorderly ways. The warm liquid pours down my throat, leaving a burning sensation when all outside is freezing. My hand is held and I am wrapped in strong and safe arms. I just had the realization that the skies mirrored what I once called love.


Angels and Demons

Sometimes the power lies in your fingertips as they caress the darkness inside of you. Your fingers caress the darkness surrounding you and turn it into a vague light—a slight illumination of demons and angels housed inside your soul. Let the night breeze guide you into a spell that you sing like a lullaby for the flowers growing around your foundation. The silver glints in the candlelight as you let the building catch fire so that from the flames, your spirit can be reborn. Rise from candlelight as the candle burns out and smokes itself into the nothingness unrecognizable as air. Light irradiates from you and warms the frayed buildings that housed your beliefs in between the night sky. How perfect did your shell burn into and outwards throughout the night.

To My Sisters, Those that I Have Never Had Before

            I tend to run the quickest when in heels. When I dress up, I am someone else—a constant creation. I remember the night in a little black dress with my faux-leather platform boots. I looked like I was down to kill with my hair down and that dress that loved to ride up. In the night sky it rained hard and my girlfriends and I ran as fast as we could in the rain. It was a joyful night. The opportunity to fall from grace in a couple of steps with our bodies and hair drenched in the heaven’s tears was all the opportunity needed. Rain, rain, rain. I never wanted it to stop. Filled with the ecstasy of the world, of Mother Nature, that set our eyes to kill.

            My piercing laugh pierced my heart and my ears. I needed the coolness of the night sky under the moon to keep my fiery temper in check. The cool water kept the fires in my body subsided, but gave space to a new flame—cold and unstoppable. The fires inside my head tormented me with a pleasure of the world. My friends were just as incandescent. Those beautiful women who flew in the rain, with feet that made a sharp, but powerful sound in the puddles were all and are all sisters to me. We shared a fire, differently, and burned from the inside out, outside in the pouring rain.

            Drop after drop was landing on my eyelashes and I took off my glasses and ran without care. I did not stop to breathe, I did not stop to rest, but I ran backwards and forwards until I reached an adequate destination. I held on to the cord sharing my essence with that of my sisters and we maintained an energy that was endless throughout the hours of the night.