Instruments of Love

It isn’t an easy world when it comes to the manifestation of love. You are right to open yourself to the pleasant vibrations made by the strings of Cupid’s bow, but take heed and be careful… not all doors are ready to open. Not all shells house perfect pearls. So manifest your love and dreams, all the while treading carefully through the thorny brambles of forests recently burned. Not all who want to love are ready for a never ending ecstasy blessed by the great Aphrodite. Listen to your goddesses and let patience and clarity guide you through the burning forest and into wildflower meadows by the sea. All that you seek is already there ready, waiting for you.


Intertidal Pools of Sun

Barefoot amidst the movement of lapping, cold waves—a gentle soul walks onward into the ocean. Mangrove branches loop out from the water and marine alluvium soils. Tiny fish grow within the intertidal zone, protected by the plants and disrupted by her calm feet digging into the sand. Hair wild amidst the cool sun rays softly kissing each eye into a deeper caramel hue. The water against her strong ankles as low pools fill and recede into the Earth. Gusts pick up cooling a body flowing in tandem with the ocean waves as the heart connects to the soul of the ocean.

Super Blood Wolf Moon

The fronds rustling in the chilled air and a wolf’s moon gently watches as I inhale and exhale smoke from within my soul and out towards the night sky. She looks down with her red face soon to be eclipsed and a secret nod occurs between us. She is a protector—moon goddess—and I am a loyal servant. In my sensuality I extol rituals in her name as invisible, glittering strings grow from within me and dissipate into energy like the smoke exiting my lungs. Each breath is an intention, each inhale is a collected pool of energy brought further in to my body. The moon wears a red veil and I am naked, barren without need for shrouds. No clouds exist between us now and soon we will become one.


Like me, never another one

I have learned this the hard way

They all seek me when I’m gone

But my mind they’ll never sway.

Like me, forever coming undone,

They ask me to always stay

But I’ll keep severing this bond

Come whatever may.

For me, they always turn to stone

As I go through my day to day

Because this goddess, they’ll never own

She will always keep these feelings at bay.

The Glass Ballerina Dances Her Piercing Ballet

One day her tiny feet scratched your palm as she danced over it while you remained calm. You carried her to your eyes and you cried in laughter. Her tiny tutu was smooth to the touch and her small face was more than enough. One day you let her fall in anger and haste. You dropped to your knees and let her shards pierce your skin as you tried somberly to piece her back together. The sun shone it’s light at that moment and reflected her open, yet broken soul back to you. You asked the divine for deliverance from your committed evil. Shame you forgot that the goddesses are also called justice in a body as reflective and full of light like hers. 
You must know that between you and her I will choose her, always. 

You cannot treat a glass orchid with disregard and you must wipe her dust away, often. 

I will pick her up carefully and shine the light on her material so that I can see her optically active skin. 

She has the type of skin that could magnify your insight, she is cherished by many. 

You should have known that she would prick you if you let her fall and your cut would never heal. 

You want to love her like a prize yet touch her with hands dirty, accused of slights you refuse to acknowledge. 

She knows what you committed because her glass ears heard your voice and her diamond eyes–all-seeing– picked up your alibis covered in pride. 

Her frame is the greatest prize you have touched in a long time; she cannot be exchanged. You will try to commodify her glittery glass veins. 

I have chosen her, again, and again and I refuse to inflict any pain. 

She has chosen you before she has chosen me before, but nevermore. 

Lamentations of the Sea

He felt:
Her slowly sinking away from him as his hands outstretched tried holding on to her slippery hands.
It was difficult to tell where her tears started and the ocean ended.
When he finally gripped her one last time and their bodies surfaced for air he realized, she was gone.

She felt:
Herself going under a million times and saw a trillion stars in her eyes.
Her last moments in life were agonizing and she saw the sunshine’s rays at the end of the tunnel.
She tried swimming towards that light but a dark angel held her up wailing and begging her to take a breath.
She could feel exhaustion in her limbs, in her mind, and most of all in her soul.
One last silent goodbye.

He had been waiting:
For the moment when she would come to him.
The drowned God who yearned for her soul intertwined with his.
He saw her eyes full of wonder and delight as she left the world of the living and entered the world of the drowned.
He held her and never let her go while her former lover from the living world shrunk into himself with the realization that the last time he’d see her living face would be at a funeral.

He couldn’t:
Leave her behind.
Forever in his photographs and his memories lived the soul of his drowned Goddess.