Empty Perfection

Welcome to the 21st century,

Where the girls are perfect,

Oh so beautiful,

Say men that hardly try,

As if girls should melt,

Upon hearing those empty words,

Never backed up by much truth.


Cheap Words, Cheap Lies

At times the entire truth is simply a formality, a brief statement that places everything into perspective. Oftentimes it the omissions that challenge our perception of reality, like: yes it used to be so and I haven’t gotten around to it no longer being the case. So my best guess is that no one ends up the winner and we’ve all bet on a lie no matter how tiny it may be. So our investments fail because we were not genuine, not clear. Then we whine of our misfortunes and ignore our misdeeds: but I tried so hard, I wanted it to be so, I made you feel this way from the bottom of my soul. Turns out that words are cheap when they’re untrue, a small cost to pay as we purchase unhappiness.

Dark Gray

Your true color is dark gray, muddy, half devoid of substance as if it couldn’t be enough. Your halo is gray and tilted to one side and I saw cracks in your demeanor. For a while I looked at myself and saw some of you reflected as I slowly turned light gray from a pure white. Your color is dark gray, beautiful, but grimy and it brings me down and I wonder what it must feel like to carry that weight with you of pouring out uncontrollably as you hold on to fragments from when you fell to the floor and shattered. I am an act of self-love, in constant motion, and ever so willing to give the little pieces of light that I hold in my hands, but I can’t share that light if all you’ll do is obscure my path.