Snake Imagery

He keeps trying to make me fall in love with him, but they all marvel at the snake while wanting to cut off its head.


Pummeling Rains

A flower blossomed, ravenous for the raindrops to adorn her silky petals with their glittery reflections and pressured touches. Petals perfectly cupped, the rain accepted pleasantly into them slowly dripping down like sweet honey into parched earth. Blooms thirst for that which falls from the heavens fatefully caught by sturdy, yet gentle petals.

Sabanas negras


La cama oscura,

mis ojos carmelitas y ardientes

abriendo las costuras

de todos esos corazones.


La cama hecha para una diosa,

mis piernas de Aquileas

agarrándose de tu cintura

dentro de mi, abejas golosas.


En mi cama un infierno,

la petit mort

mi cuerpo del destino

llevándote a la nube de Oort.

Extreme Measures

“I know there are parts of us missing, but we can go slow.” He said to her as if he were drawing a caged animal out. [Hesitance]


Back at the institution students congregated in the evenings to drink and smoke and dance until their sweat left them feeling light. Audible laughter always ensued and some high pitched shrieks of girls flirting with other girls or boys. At that moment they donned their young adult outfits and removed their scholarly masks. One young lady in particular was headed towards the science building where she prepared to undergo a surgical procedure that would make her jumbled up puzzle pieces fit with those of a young man currently undergoing the same process.

They had agreed upon this surgery that would remove all the gory pieces of them that brought struggle and hatred into the hearts of the other. It was some recommendation from a friend that informed the young man that it would solve both of their problems—those of his and his lady—never mind that it was highly experimental. The cogs in their systems just didn’t fit like they initially did. Or maybe they never were oiled enough, so they screeched upon colliding while simultaneously wearing their bones down. Even in surgery they would inflict pain upon one another, yet it felt as if they were inseparable.

Outside the cold, crystal building where machines whirred and white gauze filled their insides, danced their peers. They moved so freely like heated wax upon its combustion through the wick as a medium. The sky was so black and no clouds were seen; yet stars illuminated the wreaths that the girls wore on their heads as they inhaled smoke into their lungs. Her friends danced in circles around each other as they moved through the campus. The sterile waiting rooms were empty in the science building.

His procedure let up first and he waiting in his hall of residence for her to finish hers. The white gauze was stained with red all over the sides of his abdomen and on his arms. His hair was thick and black as he moved his hand around his forehead feeling light-headed and impatient for her. He wanted her.

“He’s in the common bathroom and he told me to let you know you could just go in” his friend told her as she slowly made her way across the gray floors. She was feeling nervous, but she couldn’t feel the butterflies inside her stomach. She was on too many pills that medicated the pain leftover from the procedure. Her head was hazy as she opened the door to the bathroom with her right hand—the non-dominant one.

He saw her and smiled, his body felt hot and he felt at peace that they both made it through the procedure. His loins were on fire as he walked towards her and placed his arms on her waist. A kiss brings forth frothy waves of ecstasy through both their bodies. Now that they both had their guts removed through said surgical procedure, they were able to keep their temper in check and the heat that coursed through their body was different. Their nerves were cinnamon candles burning as lava flowed through their veins. Their hearts thumped as if animals in the wild were stampeding across them. She wanted him too, and badly. He turned the water for the shower on and slowly took off the laces of her shirt. She carefully pulled his over his chest and head, exposing his healing body. Their procedures extended to the most secretive of body pieces.

“I know there are parts of us missing, but we can go slow.” He said to her as if he were drawing a caged animal out. [Hesitance] Their naked bodies firmly touched, the hormones swimming through their bodies hid the pain. She was afraid the stitches would all come out and that they’d bathe each other in blood. A silky feeling went through their united souls as they penetrated each other’s fears and desires with the reality of what they had just done. Euphoria was a tingling sensation they experienced together upon release.

They separated with the reality that taking out parts of themselves to fill each other up with those of the other was their satisfaction. Outside underneath the evening sky the young men and young ladies moved in tandem, individually whole.

We Were Sacred

Listen to me hum your name in my pleasure and reminisce of the times you became a part of me. Feel the warmth of my lips inside your soul all those times I kissed you dearly until you lost control of your positivity and you radiated joy from your pores. Out of you I coaxed the sweat you worked so hard to keep hidden within the reservoirs of emotions you tried to fit a tight grip on. My smooth legs sat on your chair on the side of town we left behind…back in May while you stared from the doorway as you quietly crawled in through the windows of my soul. My face you held in tough hands laden with the hard work of your fingers. They sewed the tendrils of your livelihood in the shape of pages and numbers. It was those very same hands that held my waist and lifted me up towards the heights unknown to most in the way of tenderness and yet firmness of the touching of strings that only you knew how to play perfectly. The strength of my legs came from the times I went running towards our temple, back again and again, but wait once more. The way you pinned my arms to keep me anchored in your bay toned the muscles I use today that remind you of the days when without me you didn’t exist. I rode the waves of your shores and penetrated your being and pinpointed your sacred places that reverberated the fullness of your lands and shook your structures onto heaven. I kissed the neck of your country and your vines entangled me one last time before all you could ever do was reminisce like memories that make me miss the ingenuity of countries coming together and paving the way for heaven out of hell. Glimmering legs rest on the armchairs of your memories, my hips poised perfectly with my body shaped like mountains and valleys. For my mouth my hands hold my cigar blowing smoke as far as your crumbled temple now your own with a statue of me at the center.