Swear Them On

He waits for me to fall in love with myself all over again as he focused on his future to become the best man that he can be and to give me the better pieces of a complicated life that is multifaceted and full of experience. He speaks plainly without fear of reprisal because he undoubted recognizes that I am receptive to his utterances and so he gently whispers to me truths from within my subconscious that somehow he picked up on with only a look as I sighed with the feeling of safety in the arms of kindness and compassion shaped like gorgeous marble statues representing the best in men. It is he who pulls me back from despair and takes me in his arms without condition or deception because he knows that he can. He is more than a lover, he is a friend that will walk down the hazardous path with you on your mutual road to self-discovery. He is the embodiment of love encased in a diamond exterior and his soul is hotter than a neutron star.


“Man of My Life”

Do you really think that a grown woman like me needs someone like you to be “the big man of my life?” My dear, you are sorely mistaken. I was splitting the Earth to pave the road to my progression long before you spewed that smoke through your lips. I was building the pieces of myself much before you were calling yourself a man. You have no idea of the hells that I’ve traveled to get to this point. Don’t forget, this life already taught me to never trust a man.

Empty Perfection

Welcome to the 21st century,

Where the girls are perfect,

Oh so beautiful,

Say men that hardly try,

As if girls should melt,

Upon hearing those empty words,

Never backed up by much truth.