Eyes Like Gold

 May these brown eyes melt in sun
Melt down to pools of gold
The treasure they seek
Hidden in this vessel’s hold.
 And may they in oceans sink
Like shipwrecks close to shore
Always to be seen
And soon to become lore.

Intertidal Pools of Sun

Barefoot amidst the movement of lapping, cold waves—a gentle soul walks onward into the ocean. Mangrove branches loop out from the water and marine alluvium soils. Tiny fish grow within the intertidal zone, protected by the plants and disrupted by her calm feet digging into the sand. Hair wild amidst the cool sun rays softly kissing each eye into a deeper caramel hue. The water against her strong ankles as low pools fill and recede into the Earth. Gusts pick up cooling a body flowing in tandem with the ocean waves as the heart connects to the soul of the ocean.

Sunken Benches

I sit next to the ocean that is reclaiming the land and the rain starts to sweep in between the mangroves and dead fish. Soaked pages take in the tears of the sky as if they’ve been parched for quite some time. The ocean and sky have reclaimed their original place on land and floating aimlessly– a red jacket. The dyed red leather is engorged with salt-water while crabs laugh at that foolish girl in tatters.

The Ocean Takes It All

The song is about the rivers being followed, sounds so serene yet full of strife. The woman inside of me followed rivers too and she followed them until she walked mid-stream and lost her footing in the surprising depths. The falling was like that of a jumper removing themselves from the ledge, only this was slow in motion downwards with the force of gravity playing games on the body. Feeling like a foolish child for following a river that has nothing left except to fall into the ocean. The food chain of love, in which a goddess chases moving water that only wants to flow away to reach the endless depths of the ocean. Now there is a depth inside the heart of that down goddess who left her spot in the night sky to follow a broken dream, a broken stream.

Keep footing with the riverbanks and swim against the current little fish. Lay your eggs on the rocks and remember to not move backwards or water will fill your gills and your very own habitat will make you drown. Why do so many things wish to fall into the ocean? The sun sets over the bay with its slowly rippling water because even waves crash into the ocean—the ocean’s soldiers trying to regain the land by pounding on it until eventually it succumbs into its cool molecules. The clouds fall into the ocean, the ocean flows into the clouds eventually overtaking the atmosphere too.

Tell me my sweet goddess, why do you follow the rivers that follow the oceans that take everything from you? You have the salty ocean in your wounds now because you are a star that has fallen. Tell me my beautiful goddess, why drop down from the heavens for this watery hell? I ask myself these questions each and every day…