Angels and Demons

Sometimes the power lies in your fingertips as they caress the darkness inside of you. Your fingers caress the darkness surrounding you and turn it into a vague light—a slight illumination of demons and angels housed inside your soul. Let the night breeze guide you into a spell that you sing like a lullaby for the flowers growing around your foundation. The silver glints in the candlelight as you let the building catch fire so that from the flames, your spirit can be reborn. Rise from candlelight as the candle burns out and smokes itself into the nothingness unrecognizable as air. Light irradiates from you and warms the frayed buildings that housed your beliefs in between the night sky. How perfect did your shell burn into and outwards throughout the night.


Jaded Empire

Disclaimer: This one gets a little dark.

So jaded and hated as you break down into all the junk of life creating excess trash and depression with a road paved with bad intentions. Nothing you do is enough for anything and that’s because you’re less than a person in society’s eyes. The worst is what belongs to you for that is all that you are given in this putrid and debasing world. Who knew you could become so dark in a matter of seconds, but hey, no one is enough anymore so it makes sense that you decompose into fragments of dust littering the walls, surfaces, and polluting the water. You are now less than human in a world that bred you for consumption. As for me, I hope they enjoy their meal, for the secret ingredient is to DIE for.

Radical Behaviorism

It’s all a matter of consequence. This consequential operation determines who you will be minutes from now, tomorrow, or three years from today. We build these schedules of habits around us and bow down to them—who could have imagined that something so abstract like that would become our master, our God. Breaking the chains that hold on to our minds can only occur when something throws us out of orbit, but we’re so easily engrossed in the gravitational pull of heartbreaking habits that who knows if we’ll have the strength to release ourselves—to break the contingency. There are few with the knowledge of what it takes to break and knowledge is power, so will they break or build that which enslaves the rest?

Intertidal Pools of Sun

Barefoot amidst the movement of lapping, cold waves—a gentle soul walks onward into the ocean. Mangrove branches loop out from the water and marine alluvium soils. Tiny fish grow within the intertidal zone, protected by the plants and disrupted by her calm feet digging into the sand. Hair wild amidst the cool sun rays softly kissing each eye into a deeper caramel hue. The water against her strong ankles as low pools fill and recede into the Earth. Gusts pick up cooling a body flowing in tandem with the ocean waves as the heart connects to the soul of the ocean.

Super Blood Wolf Moon

The fronds rustling in the chilled air and a wolf’s moon gently watches as I inhale and exhale smoke from within my soul and out towards the night sky. She looks down with her red face soon to be eclipsed and a secret nod occurs between us. She is a protector—moon goddess—and I am a loyal servant. In my sensuality I extol rituals in her name as invisible, glittering strings grow from within me and dissipate into energy like the smoke exiting my lungs. Each breath is an intention, each inhale is a collected pool of energy brought further in to my body. The moon wears a red veil and I am naked, barren without need for shrouds. No clouds exist between us now and soon we will become one.


Like me, never another one

I have learned this the hard way

They all seek me when I’m gone

But my mind they’ll never sway.

Like me, forever coming undone,

They ask me to always stay

But I’ll keep severing this bond

Come whatever may.

For me, they always turn to stone

As I go through my day to day

Because this goddess, they’ll never own

She will always keep these feelings at bay.

To Be You, Only You and that which Surrounds You

Sometimes you need to learn to be, in spirit form, without any need. Sometimes you have to breathe deeply into and out of your body, until all that you become is air. Then, you can float up high and you can fly without worries over the foliage. All that is required is a manipulation of your current state to become something different, something that does not require that which does not want the acquisition of your being into its essence.

You can breathe purely without those hazy contaminants that spew black smoke. All you need are the colors and lights that this new atmosphere will give you as it refracts light energy all around you. Just breathe… There is nothing you need save for your breath. When all you require is minimal, you make all that wants you minimal and you become more self-aware.

This is your story, your piece of the tale and you can spin it however you’d like. No one will ever tell you anything otherwise and you need nothing but your mentality. All that you will need to love are the things around you, but only those you find beneficial and beautiful to your being. Nothing else is necessary; nothing else will impact you any further. Think of the beauty that you will extract from the universe, a beauty that you can mold to become you and all that surrounds you. Cherish that beauty and grasp it strongly with your hands—never let it go.