Instruments of Love

It isn’t an easy world when it comes to the manifestation of love. You are right to open yourself to the pleasant vibrations made by the strings of Cupid’s bow, but take heed and be careful… not all doors are ready to open. Not all shells house perfect pearls. So manifest your love and dreams, all the while treading carefully through the thorny brambles of forests recently burned. Not all who want to love are ready for a never ending ecstasy blessed by the great Aphrodite. Listen to your goddesses and let patience and clarity guide you through the burning forest and into wildflower meadows by the sea. All that you seek is already there ready, waiting for you.


Intertidal Pools of Sun

Barefoot amidst the movement of lapping, cold waves—a gentle soul walks onward into the ocean. Mangrove branches loop out from the water and marine alluvium soils. Tiny fish grow within the intertidal zone, protected by the plants and disrupted by her calm feet digging into the sand. Hair wild amidst the cool sun rays softly kissing each eye into a deeper caramel hue. The water against her strong ankles as low pools fill and recede into the Earth. Gusts pick up cooling a body flowing in tandem with the ocean waves as the heart connects to the soul of the ocean.

Sunken Benches

I sit next to the ocean that is reclaiming the land and the rain starts to sweep in between the mangroves and dead fish. Soaked pages take in the tears of the sky as if they’ve been parched for quite some time. The ocean and sky have reclaimed their original place on land and floating aimlessly– a red jacket. The dyed red leather is engorged with salt-water while crabs laugh at that foolish girl in tatters.

Down In The Sea Is Where We Will Be

Do you have any idea what it’s like to be this lost? Like knowing that all of those broken compasses won’t add up to anything except for all wrong left turns. The first mate of your ship could be the most renowned in the archipelago and still I don’t know north from south. I just know that I’m going to sink this ship as I tread more water. I know that Poseidon will make me his lover when I reach my watery grave and no star or goddess in the night sky will ever bring me back. Thinking back on it, I’ve been getting lost since I was five. Each new adventure led me to a new path and over waves that I would not know how to return to. I’ll always allude to that piece of driftwood in the middle of the sea. At night my body will sway disoriented regardless of where I’ll be. I am the worst captain in all of the ships in all of the watery worlds and my crew are fools to trust in my direction. I never seem to have a shortage of crew members putting their lives at stake for this inexperienced fool. All of my apologies will amount to nothing but a forest of gold and bones down in the dark ocean floor. 

Lamentations of the Sea

He felt:
Her slowly sinking away from him as his hands outstretched tried holding on to her slippery hands.
It was difficult to tell where her tears started and the ocean ended.
When he finally gripped her one last time and their bodies surfaced for air he realized, she was gone.

She felt:
Herself going under a million times and saw a trillion stars in her eyes.
Her last moments in life were agonizing and she saw the sunshine’s rays at the end of the tunnel.
She tried swimming towards that light but a dark angel held her up wailing and begging her to take a breath.
She could feel exhaustion in her limbs, in her mind, and most of all in her soul.
One last silent goodbye.

He had been waiting:
For the moment when she would come to him.
The drowned God who yearned for her soul intertwined with his.
He saw her eyes full of wonder and delight as she left the world of the living and entered the world of the drowned.
He held her and never let her go while her former lover from the living world shrunk into himself with the realization that the last time he’d see her living face would be at a funeral.

He couldn’t:
Leave her behind.
Forever in his photographs and his memories lived the soul of his drowned Goddess.