FZ You Are Always Loved

Wisteria skies are on fire with the pretty pink and purple petals against the backdrop of red and orange sky-flames. Time shifts and rolling white foamy clouds fill a cold sky as hail and snow fall in disorderly ways. The warm liquid pours down my throat, leaving a burning sensation when all outside is freezing. My hand is held and I am wrapped in strong and safe arms. I just had the realization that the skies mirrored what I once called love.


The Falling Snow 

I am the sunshine and you, the falling snow. I will always be here tomorrow, but with you, we’ll never know.
You set the locks, there were no keys so will you ever ram into me?
Tonight I waited, next morning waned while you inflicted your icy pain.

I begged you listen, you shut me out and that’s when I remembered what you’re about.