I just didn’t mind the aching muscles and tired temples right before the dawn. I wanted to explore new territory and to challenge myself and those around me to be a little nicer. Then extraneous variables somehow seeped into the mix and turned a yellow morning into a cloudy, yet boiling afternoon. I wanted to stand up for myself then—stand on a mountain and let my voice echo my truths and experiences in dealing with angry faces and curdled lips because their voices were acrid and their chests were a graveyard of worms because even they could not get nutrition from that rancor. Who knows? Perhaps I still will let my words crash into their ears like heavy waves against the cliffs, deafening all else.

For the Love of Teaching

On behalf of the universe: I am sorry if the love you are receiving is a shallow kind of love.

They look at your choices and shake their heads in disdain almost as if asking, “is this the little that you want out of life?” You shrink into yourself a bit more each day as your supports dwindle, but you’ll recognize tomorrow that you didn’t need that shallow “love.”

Too many believe they are superior, but little do they know that you will learn of the workings of the minds, the shaping of our society. Remember that lofty titles are simply just that, lofty… They often lack the essence of meaning, they are a result of reactivity instead of proactivity.

This brings me to the concept of teaching:

If you ever want to know what truly ails someone, become their teacher. They will show you why their soul aches or why they live. Your students will demonstrate to you what it means to understand and to discover new schools of thought. So while the rest rest easy on their cloud of inflated ego, remember that you will hold the essence of existence in your hands. While they rest with minimal understanding of what it means to love and care for others for all that they are, your soul will purify in the light of others as you walk with them on their journey of understanding and learning.

Become a teacher and you will learn of the depths of love and the energies of the universe. You will gain a working idea of what is necessary to spur positive change in your life and the lives of others. Don’t ever forget: without a teacher, the rest would never have attained.


We all want to feel the peace, but never the chaos, but without chaos we would have no evolution.

So learn a little bit about both ends of the spectrum of life and somewhere within all that you’ll learn how to take it in stride.

You Held Up to the Light

Girl, when did you learn to dress in beauty and walk in kindness? This I did not teach you. How did you learn to pick up fragile pieces and place them on a canvas to create sweetness? This I did not show you. Most of all, how did you uphold your tapestry for others full of mindfulness? These questions I must ask of you.

Leap, Don’t Fall

I did my best to remind her to run forward without looking back lest tribulations would sneak up on her in the form of lifted roots—in a forest of experience I have stumbled before. I looked into her eyes as she picked herself up and gave her all the strength I could muster. “You be smart not to fall again,” I told her as I held her pretty face in my hands as she nodded. Then came a cliff against the waters, we grasped hands and smiled—being together is all that mattered.

You As A Creator

How lovely it is to be in and out of the doorway like a gentle summer breeze on a peaceful day. How exquisite it is take the spirit in your hands and mould it into the tasks you place at hand. Being the controller of the controlled is so delightful in the synthesis of the new world delivered at your door. Your power is uncaught like the deep darkness of the benthic zone.

Niñas Lindas

Todas las niñas bonitas andamos mirando al cielo con espera a la intervención divina. Nuestras vistas caen en esferas amarillosas del cielo mientras nuestras piernas se arrodillan en el fango ¿quien supo que tantas niñas bellas se quedarían en esta tierra sin rango?


So tired of these relationshits where your faucet remains open until your well runs dry. Eventually the pressure diminishes to minute proportions and all you do is leak weakly into the drain. Who knew that you’d get to the point of dryness with your lips cracking from the constant slew of kisses falling on hardened faces? Oh who are you kidding? Since the moment you decided to give you’ve surrendered pieces of your soul to a beautiful devil’s trickery.



I’ve been feeling a bit old-fashioned today after receiving disappointments in successive order. Initially, I got to wondering how people tolerated the alienation of modern relationships as I reflected on my recent experiences with men. So, I asked my mother to join me for a walk, one in which I proceeded to explain to her my woes. Relationships have been striking me as obsolete due to their superficiality resulting from an ingrained fear of commitment. This is akin to peoples’ fear of investing in the housing market since we never know when another crisis will befall our “great” society—with 2008 still fresh on our minds. It seems to me that there is a resistance to attempting commitment even amongst already existing couples.

It has come to my attention that one person usually gives more than the other in the relationships that surround me and were it not for that little tidbit, the relationship would crumble. I’ve seen it happening in my own experiences with love and with friendships. Naturally, I am a giver. Unfortunately, it feels as if I’ve been giving more than I have been receiving for the last 8 years of my life and frankly, my emotional wellbeing has seriously taken a toll.

There’s been an awakening in this magnificent brain of mine as I do tend to see peers that in their relationships have a level of innocence when it comes to commitment. I say innocence because it isn’t mired with selfishness (at least from what I can tell) and both partners tend to equally support one another in their spiritual, emotional, and physical growth by fulling diving into their mutual existence. Perhaps that’s it! Many relationships nowadays lack the common plane of existence of both couples with one person focusing on their reality as completely separate from the person they say they are “committed” to. Now, I’m not saying be attached at the hip with your significant others, but damn at least indulge in the knowledge that you could be a part of a deep mutual existence of high angelic vibrations if you simply let go of the fear of true commitment.

What does true commitment mean to you?

Instruments of Love

It isn’t an easy world when it comes to the manifestation of love. You are right to open yourself to the pleasant vibrations made by the strings of Cupid’s bow, but take heed and be careful… not all doors are ready to open. Not all shells house perfect pearls. So manifest your love and dreams, all the while treading carefully through the thorny brambles of forests recently burned. Not all who want to love are ready for a never ending ecstasy blessed by the great Aphrodite. Listen to your goddesses and let patience and clarity guide you through the burning forest and into wildflower meadows by the sea. All that you seek is already there ready, waiting for you.