Witch’s Chant

Underneath the full moon I muster all the strength required of oceans to swish into shores in darkness. The sands by my feet are velvet as my night-lantern guides me from the sky. Goddess power flows through outstretched hands, permeating the salt crystals in the air. My skin glistens with dew and light and within me a light shines outward. A third eye opens and looks steadily into the shadows cast by the moonlight and within me courses knowledge of secret enchantments long-quieted by witches securing the secret of their craft. They tell me know the things I must know. The shadows come into light—moon goddess.

Just Ask

Always ask for more and maybe you will receive your hopes and dreams with open arms. Ask for depth and perhaps you will become an ocean full of life and cycles. Seek new heights and you might be like the moon in her godlike trance and slow transitivity. Just ask and maybe you will receive.


I want to breathe and know that my choices are good. I want to look at you and smile with the knowledge that you ARE. I ask for wisdom to take the paths leading to growth and new experiences and I ask the universe for accompaniment. Will you pick the wildflowers on the side of the road and place them behind my ear? Will you melt when the sun hits my caramel eyes as I look into yours?

I am open to the world and to the divine intervention of the universal energies that I slowly tap into. What an experience to know… I will work to heed my words and stay true in a city of lies. I want more than just survival, I want to thrive.

Moonchildren Bring Me Life

They look at me in synchronicity and I ask the heavens how I gained such fortunes. Tiny heads and tiny snouts testing the air for the next occurrences. Their eyes were pools of love in the deepest shades of earth and caramel. I let the blessings of the universe wash over me, the patter of paws next to me as I walked into fruition of all life-spheres. They say that all dogs go to heaven, but mine have brought me heaven on Earth.

Sea Goddess

I am roaming through the sand dunes and the ocean sways behind me, hungrily, awaiting my return to its watery carpet. Yet small grasses precede taller stalks with tiny buttons of pink and yellow slightly showing their heads as birds above bellow. Warm sand covets my feet while rays of sun kiss my shoulders waiting for me to enter into the water’s splendor. The sea foam twinkles in the breeze like evening stars on a blue and moving backdrop extending as far as my eyes will take me. I lay in the shallows with the sun beaming down on me as my head is crowned with a halo of salt crystals in water. Yellow and olive are the ocean flowers adorning my crown with a ring of spiritual power.

Goddesses At Work

So many goddesses at work making things happen, spinning webs of silk into soul enchantments. Goddesses bathing in rivers and adding their peaceful energy to the flow of water waiting to be filled by their lit bodies under the moonlight. Goddesses singing songs of healing and singing battle cries in preparation for moulding this world into a heaven on Earth. Goddesses whispering prayers into wind to invigorate it with their lullabies of tranquility and healing. There are goddesses all around, making life out of life and love out of holes.


It’s beautiful the way you say that I’d go crazy if I fell in love with you as if daring me to say “I want to love you.” I hear your unspoken questions and wish to give you the answer that you seek, the true answer “I’ve always loved you and have only recently accepted it.” You have always been worthy of my love, for you have been true and honorable and have waited patiently for this friendship that I’ve sacrificed in past days. There has always existed love between us—you have always been there. I must admit that I almost lost you, but the universe told me to wait patiently and so I did. Now you have returned to me.

So believe in the love that I have to give as it is multidimensional and if one pillar of that love falls, the rest will still stand for you.

Relational Frame Theory

Time is hot and moving constantly towards an infinite sum of moments that you can hold in your hands and pour into a soul. Time is the hope that do-overs can be granted now that you have gained the secrets of those fleeting moments upon ticking hands. Like clockwork we are made to start again what we once completed and with wistfulness we make our new attempts dreaming of a better tomorrow.