Incomprehensible Nightmare

In and out of inebriation by mind shifts years to the next station of songs that are meant to be listened to in the shower with ha sad reluctance to life and the death of you in minute steps as you walk down the path to hell Remember that I loved and gave all good things that came from within until one day that I found myself on the floor wondering what was next in this difficult life full of strife and so I disguised my fears because I knew from day one that fears would lead to the end of my universe within you and all that I could do was try to erase the sad moments and reimburse you with happy thoughts of life and love with a mischievous woman like me that dedicated her waking days to building the love we desired because without you I could no longer find myself happy in this world and I hoped that I would be enough and so I gave and gave until I collapsed on this bed made of flowers that you brought home one day but flowers wither so easily. Did you?


I just had a moment within myself where I found you just the way I missed you. It had been over half a year since we hadn’t physically seen one another. It was probably midnight or later and I knew you were on your way back just not what road you were on–in the literal but also figurative senses. Our friends knocked on my door and I had already dressed down since I wasn’t expecting you anytime soon–some delay, you said. There were ants running all throughout my body because I was itching for you.

I opened the door and was surprised to find our friends waiting for me outside. You were hiding behind them, but when you moved forward and came into view I truly felt myself melt at the sight of my soul lover. I moved so quickly towards you that before I reconciled it, I was in your arms. My smile couldn’t leave my face and for a moment, I was the powerful force of the waterfall pouring onto the awaiting pool of water. That night we spent in each others’ arms and from then on we were inseparable like the tangled ferns on the ocean floor.